11 Things You Need To Know Before Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure


1. You need to shave.

That’s right. This may sound strange to people who are used to waxing, but if you have laser hair removal, you need to shave that area. The best time to shave appears to be around 8 hours before your treatment. Basically, you need to shave as close to the procedure as possible, but also give your skin some time to recover from the shave because it is not overly sensitive.

2. Cancel other treatments before and during laser hair removal

Ideally, you should not wax, pluck, use depilatory creams or bleach your hair 3-6 weeks before your first treatment and during the remainder of your treatment period. If there is no hair (because it has been waxed), or if the hair is blonde (because it has been bleached), the laser will not work on it.

3. Stay out of the sun

You do not want to undergo laser hair removal on tanned skin! In fact, it’s best if you don’t tan at all. Try to keep the area out of the sun for at least 4 weeks prior to treatment and apply sunscreen to exposed areas (which you should do anyway …). After laser treatment, you also need to be careful about sun exposure.

4. It Can Be A Little Painful

Although many systems are advertised as painless, different people experience laser hair removal differently. You can experience anything from mild discomfort (often described as an elastic band that ties your skin) to pain that is very intense indeed. Typically, people with darker skin and people with coarser hair experience pain.

5. Take precautions

If you have sensitive skin and are worried about pain, you can take pain relievers 30 minutes before your laser hair removal procedure (most therapists recommend ibuprofen).