11 Worst Foods That Damage Your Guts


Hey there Readers, and welcome back to another article, the need for keeping your gut healthy is so important. Let’s avoid the worst foods that damage our guts,

Take it like this a healthy gut is the cornerstone of a healthy body and an unhealthy gut can disrupt digestion and even your mood.

Your body is very smart it sends you signals that something’s wrong same goes for gut health if you’ve been experiencing anything from skin irritation and unintentional weight gain to sleep disturbances or an upset stomach.

There are numerous foods that may be causing long-term gut disturbances, without you suspecting a thing wondering which foods you’re going to have to say goodbye to no more binging on fried foods.

Is it time to completely get rid of processed food, what about sugary treats, in today’s article we’ll be talking about popular foods that may be causing long-lasting damage to your gut, According to science.

1- Fried food

Giving up deep-fried food can be a challenge and trust us we understand, but once you learn about the damage it does to your gut, it won’t be so hard the foundation of healthy eating is saying no to that fried food.

Cravings fried chicken french fries Chinese take out onion rings and your favorite grilled cheese the list for unhealthy, fried foods can go on and on all these foods are cooked in oils that have saturated, and trans fats that irritates the stomach, and is the reason behind gas and stomach pain they may even promote the growth of harmful bacteria limit eating fried foods.
what’s your favorite fried food tell us in the comments section.

2- Artificials sweeteners

Turning to artificial sweeteners while looking to lose weight, is a natural step it’s important to realize that artificial sweeteners are no better than regular sugar, these synthetic sugar substitutes are in everything from candies and canned foods to jams and baked goods, although it is difficult to dodge them your gut will thank you if you start avoiding any food with artificial sweeteners, it causes a decrease in the number of good bacteria in the gut and replaces them with bad bacteria, this changes the gut’s microbial balance and composition while also increasing the rate of metabolic disease.

3- Processed Foods

The most damaging food in your gut is sugar which is found in all processed foods a diet predominantly high in processed food, is also high in refined grains added sugar, and sodium while being low in gut-friendly fiber antioxidants vitamins, and minerals other than the gut they also initiate weight gain, because of the unhealthy amount of calorie is packed into them, they also seriously lower the number of good bacteria in your gut, that may lead to digestion problems, eating processed food more than freshly prepared meals will cause obesity diabetes and even heart disease.

4- Animal protein

Animal protein has something that plant-based proteins do not secret, is the amino acid composition which plant protein lacks but food from animal sources like meat dairy and eggs, may cause changes in the gut microbiome eating lots of animal protein over time increases the risk of inflammatory bowel disease, a chronic condition that reflects poor gut health animal protein packs a high amount of essential nutrients like choline vitamins and amino acids, which is the building block of protein, however.

always remember not to eat more than 70 grams of protein every day to manage overall health.

5- Red meat

Red meat is a public favorite but cutting it out or lowering the amount you eat is crucial, red meat is a major part of the American diet and when eaten in moderation it provides the body with beneficial nutrients like iron protein and vitamin b12, however overeating it can lead to diabetes heart problems and even certain cancers, also the kind of iron present in red meat disturbs the gut bacteria family reason being these meats are cooked in extremely high temperatures that create harmful compounds, which can harm not just your gut but also your kidneys and liver.

6- Soy

Has become one of the most popular replacements for meat among vegans and vegetarians mainly, because soy packs some serious plant protein and makes for a great substitute along with its health benefits, comes the part where soy can cause stomach and intestinal side effects like constipation nausea, and bloating, if you’re sensitive to it then eating, soy products in excess can trigger allergic reactions like rashes and itching, doesn’t matter if your food choices are obviously healthy overdoing anything will eventually lead to health problems.

7- Dairy products

Health freak or not the benefits of dairy is no secret right from childhood, we’re taught that over time studies have shown that there’s a link between unhealthy gut and dairy products like milk yogurt, and cheese, moderation is the name of the game when it comes to eating dairy more care needs to be taken because the western diet is high only in red meat and dairy, this leads to an obvious decrease in the number of good bacteria it also creates an imbalance in the gut hormones and ecosystem, this is not good for your immune system and overall health.

8- Gluten

Gluten is a type of protein found in grains like rye wheat and barley gluten, is also commonly found in bread pasta cereal, and pizza so basically, it’s everywhere, real though a type of protein in it has zero nutritional value normally gluten doesn’t cause much of a hassle to people, if you are allergic to it then regularly eating gluten can be harmful to you if you have gluten sensitivity, it’s best to look out for symptoms like feeling full bloating abdominal pain and weight loss, then you’ll have to go tweak up your regular diet to a gluten-free one.

9- corn

Is corn on the cob your favorite side dish if corn really is a regular part of your meals, then it may be promoting unhealthy digestion it’s hard to imagine.

corn causing harm especially when it’s known for fiber content and natural essential B vitamins, however, due to its high cellulose content corn in large amounts can lead to digestion problems reason is cellulose cannot be broken down it passes out undigested.

which may cause cramps and pain in the abdomen another reason is that most corn in us is genetically modified suggesting avoiding corn, would be the best for your gut health before moving forward.

10- Beans

This one was a shocker for us as well almost every balanced diet consists of a healthy portion of beans, and then they’re packed with protein folate antioxidants, and a host of other vitamins and minerals, how can it be harmful?

one of the most common side effects experienced by most people eating beans is abdominal discomfort this discomfort actually signals oxidative stress, which is very bad for your cells,  another compound found in beans damages the inner lining of the intestines that can cause serious problems.

11- Too much fiber

The goodness of fiber has been drilled into our minds from our teachers to doctors when it comes to fiber, there’s no doubt that it’s good the daily recommended amount for women is 25 grams and for men, it’s 38 grams.

However many people miss the mark and go overboard because fiber can get away with being a healthy element it’s, easy to overeat it too much.

fiber leads to abdominal pain bloating constipation and even temporary weight gain, remember that eating fiber is a delicate balance and you should not make any dramatic changes to it.

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