30 Fake Viral Pics People Believed Were Real

Recently, not least thanks to the Internet, a new term has appeared – “fake news”. There are so many news and channels for their distribution that it is easy to come up with something of your own. Few people would think of checking the source – people will simply accept the new fact. However, not only news but also photographs were falsified.

30. Behind The Scenes Photo Of MGM Intro

Roaring lion from MGM screensaver

Everyone knows the famous Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer screensaver with a roaring lion. A popular photograph was a photo of a lion sprawled and tied up, with its head placed in a stand with the company’s logo. In fact, the real shot has to do with the animal being diagnosed at the veterinarian’s office. This lion is known to have recovered and is now completely healthy. And for the screensavers, MGM has been used throughout history as many as 7 lions. The latter, Leo, is a symbol of the company and has appeared in most of its films since 1957.

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