Best Sleeping Position for Better Sleep You Should To Try


Many people do not think in what position they need to sleep in order for their sleep to be healthy and sound.

But this is a mistake because in this position a person spends a third of his day.

Sleep posture affects sleep depth and cycles, how you feel when you wake up, and the health of the body as a whole, including the spine and circulatory system.

Therefore, if in the morning there is a pain in the body or a bad mood, it is worth changing the sleeping position to a more correct one.

There are several positions that a person takes when falling asleep. Each of them has features, advantages, and disadvantages.

When choosing a pose, you should take into account your own anatomical features.

For example, pregnant women and girls who are not carrying a child have completely different body positions.

Interesting fact!

Each person sleeps for about 26 years in their entire life. It takes another 7 years to fall asleep.

Pose “on the stomach”

In another way, this position is called the free-fall pose. Its main advantage is that it reduces the likelihood of snoring.

Pose on the stomach

However, sleeping on your stomach is considered harmful.

This is due to the following disadvantages of the pose:

  • The head is turned on its side during sleep, which causes the neck to be severely twisted. This leads to the appearance of pain in this area.
  • If you fall asleep in this position for many years, it will provoke a change and displacement of the upper cervical vertebra.
  • The main load in the “on the stomach” position is directed to the middle of the body. As a result, the lumbar region bends downward, which is harmful to health.
  • There is pressure on the nerves and muscles. This provokes the appearance of unpleasant tingling, burning, and numbness. Feelings of discomfort will not allow you to sleep soundly and normally.

Women carrying a child are forbidden to sleep in this position.

Taking into account the described disadvantages of the situation, it is recommended to change it to a more suitable one.

But if you like the pose, ye it safer and more healthy.

Get rid of the high pillow. It creates a serious body difference between the head and the rest of the body.

It is recommended that you choose a thin pillow or skip it altogether.

Some people additionally bend the knee while lying on their stomachs. This bends the spine more strongly, increasing the pressure on it.

Therefore, this position should be avoided. It is recommended to place a thin pillow under the pelvic area.

This will reduce stress on the lumbar spine and prevent deflection from forming. Additionally, in the morning, you can do a short stretch to tone the muscles.

Interesting fact!

Scientists from Beijing conducted a study and proved the benefits of plants for sleep. It turns out that observing green indoor flowers can improve sleep cycles and fall asleep faster.

Pose “on the side”

It is in this position that most people fall asleep. The left side is considered more useful.

Studies have shown that sleeping on your right side can worsen heartburn. On the other hand, the left side reduces discomfort.

Best Sleeping Position for Better Sleep You Should To Try

Sleeping on your side has the following benefits:

  • Benefits the digestive system. Improves bowel function, reduces acid reflux and heartburn.
  • Safe position during pregnancy. The woman and her fetus receive the required amount of oxygen.
  • The spine is in an extended position, which avoids discomfort in the back and cervical spine.
  • Less apnea.
  • The position allows the tissue fluids of the brain to be cleared. This has a beneficial effect on its work and is the prevention of the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Interesting fact!

Studies have shown that most obese and elderly people prefer to sleep on their sides.

But due to the peculiarities of the posture, one-half of the face is pressed against the pillow throughout the sleep. This can cause wrinkles to appear.

The pressure of the pillow causes discomfort in the jaw area. Some people experience shoulder pain.

To reduce the likelihood of the listed disadvantages, you must adhere to simple recommendations:

  • The right pillow. Its height should be such that fractures and discomfort do not appear in the cervical spine and in general in the spine. The body should be in a position on the same line.
  • Second knee pad. They produce special products for pregnant women, but they can be used by everyone. This pillow is placed between the knees. This will relax the lower limbs, stabilize the even position of the spine, and improve blood circulation. The pillow will not allow the person to roll over and change position. It is useful to use it if you suffer from pain in the lumbar spine.
  • To maintain the natural curve of the spine, a thin pillow should be placed under the lower back.
  • Hands should be at face level, parallel to each other.

Turning over, it is necessary to do this with the whole body at once. A gradual overturn will provoke a twisting of the body.

Conveniently pull your knees up to your ribcage to group up and roll over more comfortably.

Best Sleeping Position for Better Sleep You Should To Try

The left side is more “useful” for sleeping. But it can be inconvenient to spend all night in this position.

It can also trigger the development of scoliosis. Therefore, it is enough to fall asleep in this form. During sleep, the position can be changed from one side to the other.

Interesting fact!

One of the studies carried out has shown that on average, people spend most of their sleep on their side, only a third falls on the “on their back” position, and only 10% of the time they sleep on their stomachs.

Embryo pose

This is a modified lateral position. The arms need to be bent in front of you, and the legs are bent at the knees. This pose is especially popular with women.


You can hug the pillow with your hands, rather than hold them in front of you. This will support your spine.

For pregnant women, the position is suitable due to the decrease in the pressure of the uterus on the liver. The pose is useful for those who suffer from herniated discs.

Best Sleeping Position for Better Sleep You Should To Try

But if you curl up too tightly in the embryo position, it will cause breathing problems. Arthritis sufferers often experience pain in the morning.

It is recommended not to press your chin to your chest, but to try to straighten your torso.

The bent knees should not go up high. You can additionally put a pillow between your knees.

Sleep on your back

This is the most beneficial sleeping position. It allows you to distribute the weight evenly and correctly. Due to the force of gravity, the torso is aligned along the line of the spine.

The face does not come into contact with the pillow, which prevents pressure on the skin and the formation of wrinkles.

The position on the back helps to reduce pain in the knees and hips, relieves tension and headache. Suitable for those who suffer from arthritis and bursitis.

Best Sleeping Position for Better Sleep You Should To Try

But this provision also has its drawbacks. Sleeping on the back increases snoring and causes discomfort with nasal congestion.

In this position, a deflection sometimes appears in the lumbar region. In late pregnancy, it is difficult to fall asleep in a supine position due to pressure and abdominal discomfort.

You can reduce the negative consequences of such a situation if:

  • Place a pillow under your knees. This will prevent the appearance of sagging in the lower back.
  • Legs and arms should be slightly apart, like goalkeepers. This will distribute the weight of the torso evenly and reduce the stress on the joints.
  • Additionally, use an orthopedic pillow or a special neck roll.

The pillow allows you to support the upper part of the spine. When supine, it should completely fill the free space between the bed and the neck.

How to learn to fall asleep on your back?

For some, it is completely uncomfortable to fall asleep in this position. But because of its benefits, you can try to learn how to sleep in this position.

To do this, first select a mattress. It must correspond to the anatomical features of the sleeper. If there are no back problems, a moderately firm mattress will do.

The wedge-shaped pillow will allow you to raise the body in the head area. This will reduce snoring and heartburn discomfort.

If you mark the pillow under the knees, it will allow you not to change position, rolling to the side.

The limbs spread slightly to the side will allow you to fall asleep more conveniently.

In order not to roll over on its side during sleep, it is recommended to place several pillows on the sides to support the body.

A blindfold over your eyes will also help you stay in position. With the feeling that something is lying on the face, the person subconsciously will try not to change the posture.

Many people think that the softer the mattress, the more comfortable it is to sleep on it.

This is a misconception. Soft support will not allow you to take the correct position, the body will constantly sink, increasing the load on the spine as a whole, especially on its cervical region, and other areas.

Therefore, you first need to choose the right bedding, then take the right posture. This will allow you to maintain health, sleep soundly and wake up refreshed, cheerful and happy.