How To Properly Wash Pillows

The cleanliness and freshness of the pillow ensure good rest and health of the one who sleeps on it, especially for allergy sufferers or children. Therefore, any housewife sooner or later begins to think about washing, because insects can start in them, particles of sweat, dust, and other contaminants accumulate.

How To Properly Wash Pillows

We wash pillows according to the rules

They consist of down and feathers and are the most capricious to care for. For these pillows, you must first sew a few bedclothes (2-4) of strong fabric.

It will be necessary to freely distribute the contents of the pillows in them. They need to be washed at 30 ° C, the model is a delicate wash. To prevent feathers and down from felting, you can put several balls in the drum.

It is better to choose a liquid product that will penetrate inside the covers and gently clean the down and feathers from dirt. Use the Rinse and Spin modes. Air dry, if the contents are clumped, then rub them with your hands.

For hand washing, open the rapport and pour the feathers into a bowl of warm water and detergent or grated laundry soap. Soak the feathers for a few hours. Change the dirty water several times and drain it through a colander. Then rinse thoroughly under running water or in a bowl of clean water, you can add a few drops of essential oil. Dry on an open surface.

Synthetic pillows

They are the easiest to wash in an automatic washing machine. If the mode is not specified, then select “Delicate” – 30-40 ° С. Do not use spinning so that the contents do not collapse into dense clumps. After washing, wrap a towel around the pillow to absorb excess water.

Dry horizontally in the fresh air, turning occasionally.

You can wash the pillows by hand by soaking them in warm water and liquid detergent, then beating the contents well with your fists. If after washing the filler has strayed into lumps, then straighten them with a vacuum cleaner or use a beater.

How To Properly Wash Pillows

Wash holofiber at 70 ° C, and the synthetic winterizer begins to deform at temperatures above 40 ° C.

Pillows made from organic fillers – cherry pits, buckwheat husks, bamboo, or rice, should be taken to a professional dry cleaner. The contents of the pillows are not washable. You can remove the top pillowcase and wash it separately.