The Best Method To Reheat Chinese Food

So you ordered too much Chinese food again, and there are a few take-out containers lurking in your fridge. This is the best way to heat up your meal without making it soggy.

Cook your Chinese food in an oven-proof pan.

Don’t use the oven or microwave. All you need is a wok or large pan, a little bit of oil and a moderate amount of heat. You can heat up your noodles, rice, or vegetables by heating them for a few minutes on high heat.

This will give the food a more natural flavor and restore its integrity.

For the best results, you can heat each item individually. However, if you have to eat leftovers right away (which is often how leftovers go), make sure to keep an eye on each pan. You can make it more exciting by adding a little soy sauce to give your dishes some extra flavor.

This method is so easy you won’t look back. You won’t hesitate to order more sesame chicken.