Why Should You Put Onions In Your Socks Before Bed?

Onion is one of the most useful vegetables on the planet, and it is offering is, so are countless health benefits. Onions are a vegetable high in fiber, manganese and vitamin B6.

Onions can provide numerous health benefits, including:

  • permanently erased t germs and bacteria due to its powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • reinforcing r immune system, because it is rich in vitamin C
  • contains quercetin, which effectively prevents cancer
  • adjusting r blood sugar due to high CB content w chromium
  • the green tops of green onions are rich in vitamin A
  • It reduces the risk of gastric ulcers, as boron to stay free radicals.
  • fights infection s and soothing t inflammation
  • it with ok heals pain and burning sensation in connection with a string of bees or wasps
  • with troy onions maintain heart health because it decreasing e t LDL production, bad cholesterol and
  • purifies the blood, effectively hut wish to set up on the body of toxins

Phosphoric acid enters the bloodstream and purifies the blood by killing bacteria and germs. In addition, the topical application will help purify the air and kill bacteria and germs.

All you have to do is attach a few pieces of onion to your feet. The legs have many meridians or points, which according to traditional Chinese medicine, e, linked to the internal organs.

Thus, these points will be put in the nervous system and other internal organs. In addition, we recommend walking barefoot as often as possible to activate the meridians.

Take some organic sheep onions and cut them into pieces. Then, before going to bed, place a large piece on the foot of each foot and secure it with your socks. Leave the onion to act until morning.

This will clean your blood, so the skin will absorb the phosphoric acid. In addition, the antibacterial and antiviral properties will kill bacteria and germs, and onions will also purify the air.